With the advancement of technology we have gone very far and our lives have become very smooth and comfortable. To go from one place to another the early people used their foot and now a day we cannot think of going somewhere without our car. Not only use fuel but also it misuses the fuel. There are some techniques that we should follow in order to save fuel which is a valuable thing. There many gadgets that promise to save your fuel which most of the times becomes false. Without investing anything you can save a lot of fuel from consuming by use car. You just have to maintain the following tips.

save fuel

  1. Hard-break is not good for your vehicle and yourself as you might crush into some coming vehicle or standing object. This also causes to consume fuel more than normal usage. You need to drive your car smoothly so that you don’t have to face any of the mentioned difficulties. After breaking when you accelerate you must do it smoothly. Doing this activity will save your fuel wastage up to 60%.
  2. Try to keep the entire picture of the road ahead, read the road carefully. This will help you to avoid any kind of possible treat or accident. If you feel a turn or speed breaker slow your car down so that you don’t have to take a quick turn or a quick hard-break. This activity will not only keep you safe and but also save your fuel.
  3. When you rev your engine you actually are doing nothing but wasting your fuel. May be you are thinking that this will make you cool and in certain point it may be true but most of the time it wastes your valuable fuel.
  4. In a car the gears are one of the most important that you need to understand. Whether you have manual or automatic gear in your car you need to understand to use them smartly and smoothly. You should not change the gears unnecessarily and when the road is clear you should drive on the top gear. You can save up to 15% of fuel wastage by using the gears properly.
  5. In a study, it has been seen that when you drive your car at 80 mph you actually use fuel 10% to 20% more than driving at 70 mph speed. If you drive at a speed of 70 mph you use fuel 20% to 30% more than the speed of 50 mph. So driving very fast is not always good. You might save a bit of your time but your fuel consumption will be higher. If you are not in a hurry than try to drive within your speed limit.
  6. An inflated tyre can cause several problems. They put more pressure on the engine making it hot. The pressurized engine uses around 3% more fuel than normal. So you need to check your tyre time to time, at least once in every two weeks.
  7. During winter the engine of your car becomes cold and you find difficult starting it. Most of the time we keep our car on for some time for the engine to warm which is not a good practice. Instead of doing this you can use some de-icer to tackle the cold situation. Keeping your engine on is actually a waste of the fuel and it wears your engine.
  8. After buying a car we actually become very lazy. Most of us don’t even want to go somewhere close without our car which is a bad practice. If it is possible to go by walk you should do that. Walking will not only save your fuel but also will help you to stay healthy. When you start the engine of your car the consumption of fuel becomes twice than normal. So for short trip why should you start your car every now and then.
  9. Using air condition is a very useful thing during a hot summer, but it also consumes a lot of your fuel. Don’t open your window when you are driving at a good speed as it creates an aerodynamic drag. This dragging makes your engine consume more fuel. Use your stuffs when necessary; don’t use them just because you have them.
  10. You need to maintain your car properly to get the best out of it. Do some servicing regularly, keep it clean; if possible take your car to a good service centre. As your car takes care of your travel you also need to take care of your car. Clean oil and new air filters will run your engine more efficiently than that has been neglected. A good conditioned car will create a good impression and will save your fuel.

If we be a little careful today we won’t have to suffer tomorrow. The consumption of fuel not only takes our money but also produces more gas that is harmful for the environment. Oil for the car came from natural resources which is limited. It is our duty to save these natural resources and use them in a proper way so that our future generations don’t need to suffer.