OnePlus is a newly formed mobile brand that has started their journey in 2016 and their smartphones have gained wide popularity. They included all the modern facilities in an innovative way. The phones are handy and very lucrative and provide very good performance. People have started using these phones and liked them to be one of the best smartphones. There are different ways to use each and every mobile phones and OnePlus is not an exception. Here we tried to provide a small guide to use the latest OnePlus X. This short user guide deals with the main features and ways to use this new brand.

oneplus x user manual

The Components

When you will buy this phone you will get few components in the box that are necessary. Along with the phone, you will get a protective case, a screen protector, one SIM ejection tool, a charger, one micro USB cable and a user guide. On the left side of the top of your phone, there is the front-facing camera. After that on the right is the speaker and after that is the proximity sensor. At the back side, you will find the main camera, on the left side there is an alert slider. On the right side at the top, there is the nano SIM and micro SD slot. Down of that, there is the sound adjustor and at last the power switch.

Alert Slider

This slider can be moved in three different positions one disables all the notification to appear on the screen. The second one gives priority to the important notifications and comes on the screen, and the third one allows all the notifications to appear. You can choose what kind of service you want from your device.

SIM Card Tray and Charging

There is a small hole on one side of the SIM card tray. With the SIM ejector pin, you need to press through that small hole to open the tray. After opening you will see there are three slots one for your micro SD card and the other two for two nano SIMs. Place all the cards in proper places and put the tray in the same place of your phone.

Charger and Power On

Like iPhones, this phone also has the charger port at the down. Put the charging point in it and plug the charger into the electric point to charge your phone. Press and hold the power button to switch on your phone. It will take a while, not very long, to open your phone properly.

Oxygen OS

This operating system is exclusively made for the OnePlus smart-phones. This OS is stuffed with different cool features that are user-friendly. You will get almost all the icons appearing on the screen that is necessary for you. You can install different apps according to your need, and the icons will appear here.

App Permission Facility

This operating system is much secured and doesn’t allow the downloaded apps to use all your information. You can select or switch off if you don’t want the app to use any of your personal data. If restricted, it will not be able to access your phone such as location, contacts, identity, etc.

Customization Facility

You can customize your phone and select the options you want to use and the way you want to use. If you slide from the top towards the down, you will find many options such as brightness, wifi, rotation, airplane mode and much more. You can turn on any option by taping on the icons and turn off in the same way.

There are many more new options and facilities you will get with this phone. The touch of the phone is very smooth and gives you a different feel. To send or receive a call, message, using the internet the options are very user-friendly. Once you start using this phone, you will not be able to adjust with any other phone.