Buying prescription sunglasses online is a great way to conveniently browse a wide variety of stylish prescription sunglasses in the convenience of your home. Expect online eyewear providers to run regular campaigns offering substantial discounts for using their website to purchase your sunglasses, and this is on top of prices that are traditionally a fraction of the cost compared to brick-and-mortar prescription sunglasses providers.

The Benefits of Shopping Online for Prescription Sunglasses

Making sure you get a proper fit and the perfect style is easier than ever. You will find below, a comprehensive Q&A on finding your perfect frame style and size are best to fit outdoor and indoor activities. To further make your online shopping a breeze, MyEyeWear2Go offers online chat guidance to answer any questions you may have regarding selection, purchase, or shipping of your new sunglasses.

When you purchase eyewear online, consumers can rest assured with easy-to-use websites and fast order processing, with most prescription sunglasses arriving at your home within 3-6 business days. Because our facility houses two full optical labs for glass or plastic prescription lenses, we are able to cut out the middle-man and offer incredible low retail prices direct to the consumer.

MyEyeWear2Go provides a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your prescription sunglass selection. Many people with employee vision insurance don’t realize they can be reimbursed for online prescription eyewear purchases and even use their flexible spending or health savings accounts (HSA) dollars to skip the hassle of having to submit a reimbursement form to your insurance provider.

How Can I Be Sure I Know My Correct Frame Size Before Ordering?

There are a few ways to determine your proper prescription sunglasses frame size:

Check a current pair of prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses to retrieve your frame size which usually follows the brand model number or name. The following two or three numbers will coincide directly with the lens width, nose bridge measurement, and temple size, respectively.

Call the website’s customer service technician who can walk you through the easy measuring process.
If you own a pair sunglasses with the right fit, make your measurements directly from those in millimeters.

How Do I Determine a Good Frame Style For My Face Shape?

The easiest way is to visit a good department store with a wide range of designer non-prescription sunglasses. Take your time and jot down which shapes or styles are your favorites and use that information as a guide for your online shopping. Designer frames are always a good option for online purchase because they are offered at very competive price compared to your retail outlets.

MyEyeWear2Go offers a wide range of designer frame styles and classic geometric frame shapes such as oval, circular, rectangular, and square – or popular and iconic styles like Aviator, Wayfarers, Hipster, wraparounds, Cat Eye, and Butterfly.

When it comes to the classic geometric sunglass frames, you also have similar frame type options as available in regular eyewear, such as rimless, semi-rimless frames, or goggles; and be sure to check out the ‘designer series’ lines that are popular and trending, such as Bobster, Wiley, and Ballistics RX. (a vision insurance provider) offers some handy information and guidelines when selecting the perfect eyewear for your face shape, skin tone, lifestyle, and personality.

How Do I Decipher My Optician’s Prescription?

Before you finish your prescription sunglass order, of course, you will need to have a recent prescription as obtained from a local eye doctor, in order to fill out the required correction (or refraction power) for the right eye (OD) and left eye (OS), also known as ‘sphere’ measurements. If you have astigmatism, your prescription will also have corrective numbers for cylinder and axis, which must be included.

Translating your written prescription is a simple task since the industry abbreviations are standard and online website make it easy to enter the needed data. If you don’t have your written prescription handy, often a call to your optician is all that is required to get the needed information.

Don’t forget to add the pupil distance measurement as listed on your prescription which is the distance between the center of your eyes, as measured in millimeters. Your prescription sunglasses will be constructed to place your focal point at the perfect position within the lens, for clear and accurate viewing.

So Many Tint Choices – Which is Best?

For many people, sunglass tint is a matter of style or visual preference. But, there actually is a science behind the color tints chosen and applied to sunglasses. Some may choose a green tint, which is best for all weather conditions from low light, to cloudy, to bright sunshine. A grey-black tint is best for almost all outdoor activities as it minimizes glare and provides true color perception. Yellow-tinted sunglasses do a better job at blocking out blue light from computer screens, while brown/amber tints offer optimum contrast and improved depth perception for activities like golf and tennis.

If you like the idea of automatic eye protection from the sun, transition prescription sunglasses have become a popular option, removing the hassles of changing from wearing sunglasses outdoors to clear prescription eyewear indoors. These glasses use a photochromatic coating which reacts to UV light, turning the molecules darker as UV light intensity increases. Nike Drivewear technology offers prescription sunglasses that are optimum for driving conditions, combining multiple technologies to reduce glare, provide 100% UV protection, polarization, and transitional tinting.

Another option is Blue Blocker lenses that specifically target the blue light from man-made devices such as computer screens and televisions. Blue light is also a component of the sun’s rays and therefore blue blocker sunglasses will reduce visual discomfort and damage to the retina. When it comes to sunglass tint, many choose a color based on preference, but with new sunglass technologies available, optimum eye protection is now available online and at a lower cost to the consumer.

How to Find the Perfect Style for Your Outdoor Activity?

Use a website that offers a wide selection of prescription sunglass brands to have access to the latest styles and features for your casual and business prescription sunglasses. At Myeyewear2go, we feature a number of popular brands such as Ray-Ban, Gucci, Oakley, Wiley, Bobster, Nike Vision, Fossil, and Carrera. Certain styles are elegant and timeless, such as Cat Eyes. Others are famously iconic, such as the Ray-Ban Wayfarers worn by James Dean and the Blues Brothers. Likewise, the late John Lennon and Malcolm X have made the round rimless style a great intellectual and independent style.

When it comes to more demanding outdoor activities, contact us for a full line of rugged prescription sunglasses, such as the large lens ‘shields’ which are perfect for a long day at the beach or when riding a motorcycle. Today’s active outdoor sunglass wearers are choosing goggle-styled or wrap-arounds for a semi-military look, and appreciate the additional side protection from blowing dirt or sand, and the snug appearance on the face.

With low affordable online prices, consumers are purchasing both an casual and a more formal pair of prescription sunglasses to cover any activity and any wardrobe style. You really can’t go wrong when your purchase your next pair on sunglasses from a reputable online prescription eyewear provider.