Though it looks very easy to operate a washing machine sometime, this easy task becomes difficult because of the lack of proper knowledge. If you have bought your first washing machine or haven’t used a washing machine before then this article will be very helpful for you. Everyone knows that you will get an instruction manual with your purchase of washing machine. These manuals are written the difficult language and by the technical personnel of the company. For this reason most of the time it becomes difficult to understand them. Here we discussed the easy ways by which you can use your washing machine safely.

how to use a washing machine

Read the Instructions

At first, after buying the washing machine, you should read the instruction manual provided to you. Though there is a chance that most of the things will be obscure but you can get a little idea from it. You will get the instruction with pictures to assemble your washing machine. Most of the machines do broadly the same thing, but there is a little difference in the machine to machine operation. To get an idea of a specific machine, it is best to read the user manual carefully. This will help you to get familiar with your washing machine.

Check the Labels

It is important to know the labels of your machine. There are different labels that are primarily set for most of the machines, but your machines labels might be different. The labels will tell you that what kind of cloth you can clean in what temperature. While cleaning you can adjust accordingly to get a proper result, and you can save your clothes from getting spoiled. Sometimes you can lower the temperature to save energy.

Sort Your Clothes by Color

You should not put all colored clothes in your machine to wash together. If you do so, because of the high temperature the colors of your clothes might get dissolved in the water, and all your clothes might get colored and spoilt. Before cleaning your clothes, you should sort out the different colored clothes and put the same colored clothes together for washing.

Understand and Measure Your Water

In different places, you get different types of water, and they are soft, medium and hard. According to the quality of the water of your land, you must put detergent and fabric softener. You should not put too much water for the small amount of clothes. In the same way, insufficient water will not be able to clean your clothes properly. You should put water just to submerge your clothes properly to get a good result.


After washing your clothes you must empty the water tank of your machine to take out all the dirty water. Put some clean water so that the inside of the tank is cleaned properly. When finished using, you must remove the connection of electricity. Keep your machine in one corner of your bathroom so that the water doesn’t come in contact each time you use your bathroom. If you don’t want to use it for a long time, you must remove the parts of your machine that you can easily join. Send it for servicing if required.

There are many different and small things that you will get to know when you will be using your machine frequently. All the machines are made in such a way that they will understand their master and follow their instructions. Learn about all the connections and switches of your machine and use them. Don’t try something if you don’t know it, take an expert’s help. We want you to stay safe and use your washing machine safely.