The definition of sensitive skin is different to different people. Some people say that during winter season their skin becomes sensitive and some complain the heat of summer. Skin sensitivity is an ongoing issue caused by different conditions such as rosacea or eczema. We all have sensitive skin at one point or another. Sensitive skin can be defined as the occurrence of abnormal burning, pain, stinging, etc. The experts say that over 50% of adults categorize their skin as sensitive. There are ways to take care of your sensitive skin.

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Protect from the Sun

If you have sensitive skin, you must protect your skin from the sunlight. To do so, you can use different ways such as using an umbrella, covering your skin with thin cloth or using sunscreen cream. Most of the sensitive skins trigger their problems in the sun and heat. You might consult a dermatologist to find out which sunscreen cream will suit your skin.

Be Careful when Shopping

All the cosmetics that are available in the market are definitely good for skins. Some specific cosmetic might be good for someone but not for you. You should try to avoid the ingredients that will make your skin react such as artificial perfumes, dyes, harsh chemicals, etc. Try to use the natural remedies for taking care of your skin as they are always less harmful.

Clean with Care

Sometime the over-cleansing becomes the reason of skin’s irritation. If you want to treat your skin with kindness, you should follow some instructions.

  • Wash your body and skin with lukewarm water. Avoid using hot water as it can dry out your skin and create redness that is difficult to calm.
  • When you wash your face, don’t rub hard on your skin. Use a good face wash that can be effective enough to remove makeup and dirt of your skin.
  • You should not exfoliate more than three days in a week.
  • After washing your face, blot the skin dry. You should not rub your face and should apply moisturizer as soon as possible for maximum absorption.

Test your Product

Before you apply anything fully try to test it. You should test at least 24 hours before the full application. In terms of very reactive skin, you may want to patch test for as long as a week. To do the test, you should apply a small amount of the product to an area which is not on the front side. Though the test location always depends on what kind of test you are taking, for allergic reaction and irritation, choose the area behind your ear.

Feed Your Skin Properly

The reason for irritation and other problems of your skin is not only the external things but also what is going on inside your body. You get proper nutrition from the food you eat, and your skin reacts what you eat. Always try to eat vegetables and fruits that have a good amount of anti-oxidants and are good for your skin. Drink a lot of water which clean away the dirt from your body. Avoid red meat or the foods that are allergenic to your skin.

The Doctors always advice to take care of your skin because an operation cannot replace you back your original skin. You should always take care and stay away from the dust and dirt which are the reasons for your skin’s irritation. If you sweat a lot try to change your clothes very often and wear clean clothes. Keep your house and surrounding area clean that produce different bacteria which are harmful to your skin. Stay healthy and beautiful.